The Dark Side Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

I basically just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I ended up making them for all of the signs and people loved them for some reason! I actually started up a whole meme account after that just to make astrology memes mirandasmemecastle. Last week, I decided to revamp and redesign the originals.

I changed up some of the squares and the rest is history! One piece of advice I have for creative people is to launch their projects over and over again. Did you write all of the bingo slots yourself? My old, decrepit brain came up with these jokes. How quickly did you find that they travelled online?

So fast.

A Mercury in Cancer Story

Not at all. I actually fell asleep halfway through and had to finish the rest the next day.

I really thought maybe three of my six friends would share them. Turns out everyone loves bingo!

The Dark Side Of Cancer, The 4th Zodiac Sign In Astrology | YourTango

Any plans for a follow up series? I might try to adapt or evolve the idea into another form, though. Maybe Vine 2 will emerge and I can finally shoot my shot as a Viner. How does this project fit in to your broader creative work?

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Generally, I write about the things young people like. I try to elevate the stuff that teens and young adults care about because I think mainstream media sucks at taking young people seriously.

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Cancer

The Cancer Moon is changeable and might run hot or cold with a slight shift of the atmosphere. Even if the Cancer Moon isn't saying anything, others will feel their presence and whatever emotions they are feeling. Those lucky to have them in their lives can enjoy warm affection and a sense of intimacy, whether as a friend or a romantic partner. For them, every encounter is meaningful, and it gives weight to all their relationships. Some Cancer Moon men may find it challenging since they're not supposed to feel too much. When Cancer is depressed, it is like a child lost in a sea of emotion.

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It helps if the Cancer Moon has an emotional outlet, for instance, through performance, to offload all that emotional intensity. It has been done before and it works: You can find expression through performance. Their powerful memories can be woven into story, music, and art in a way that pulls at the heartstrings of their audiences or loved ones. The Cancer Moon has a delicate sensitivity that may be kept well hidden out of protection.

Cancer: The Crab

This behavior comes from a fear of being rejected or left alone that has its roots deep in the psyche. Even if they're out in public a lot, they need the touchstone of that home base. You'll find out where they feel most at home looking at the Moon in the Houses.

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They represent scenes and activities, and it's the House where you feel most at home. Life with such a complex soul as the Cancer Moon is bound to be both challenging and exquisitely rewarding.