However, it gave an intrigues to what could possible be hidden as the story proceeds. For example the astrologer was full of interior guilt, he was much a stranger to his own work, like his innocent customers.

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We later find out that he moved because he thought he had killed a stranger. K Narayan. It is about an astrologer that practices vedic astrology also known as " the science of light".. In WriteWork.

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Resolution An astrologer went home and told his wife that he has been a great load. He had once thought that he killed someone. But he discovered that the victim was well and still alive. The author has made a daring choice probably with a specific purpose in mind. The second person point of view draws the reader into story. Language Style Cultural Context: 1.

To crown the effect he wound a saffron color turban around his head 2. His professional equipment, which consist of a dozen cowrie shells. Took out an anna and flung it out to him, The anna is a former coin of India that was equal to four pice pice is a coin of very small value 5.

If you find my answer satisfactory, will you give me 5 rupee? A bundle of palmyra writing it refer to paper made from leave of the palmyra tree 7. Jaggery is unrefined sugar made from palm tree 9. He said, yawning and stretced him self on the pyol. Pyol is a low bench.

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  • Summary This is an example of external conflict against society and its struggle. He also has problem with the neighboring vendors. He can live to the fullest and make the best of his future quarrels.

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    This emotional effect on him perhaps produced fear inside when he met up with Nayak again. This shows that even fictional characters can have manlike problems and manlike solutions to those problems. The Astrologer and Guru Nayak are two great examples of character with both internal and external conflicts. The Astrologer recognizes Guru Nayak as someone he met before, someone he thought he had killed. The Astrologer is startled that the person he stabbed and left to die in a field, is still alive to tell about i. One of the main conflicts in the story is an internal one.

    God always know our fate later. Thank you.. Framework Introduction I Open with an interesting comment on the story. I Include a thesis statement. Directions and Explanations Make a good first impression Hook your readers early in your paper. You can ask them a question that relates to your thesis, set the scene with a vivid description, or use a quotation from the story you are analyzing.

    Set your focus The purpose of the thesis statement is to present your main idea about a literary element in the story. Make sure to include the storys author and title in your thesis statement. Body I State first key point with support and elaboration. I State second key point with support and so on. Make your point Write a paragraph to explain each of your key points. Arrange your points in a logical order.

    Back it up Quote, summarize, or paraphrase information from the story to support your key points. Think of this support as evidence.

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    You need evidence to prove that your point is valid. Finish with a flourish Conclude your analysis by restating your thesis and summarizing your key points.

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    Then, leave your readers with a final thought that relates to the thesis. Read Free For 30 Days. An Astrologer's Day. Description: astrologers day.

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