Since you two are both very goal-oriented, this pairing can make for quite a powerful couple. Leos are not only passionate, but they generally lead with their heart. Aries has the confidence, charisma, and drive to pursuit you. They will definitely appeal to your romantic side, especially in the beginning.

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Sagittarius is also a great match because they're active and full of adventure. When you're with a Sag, you'll never get bored. According to Lang, you two are likely to have an instant connection and you'll also feel an immediate sense of compatibility. Then there's Libra, who is charming and full of social grace. So it makes for a good match long-term.

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Virgo can be highly analytical, and tends to attract soulmates who can help them stay grounded and worry-free. Taurus has a stable and balanced approach to life. Because of this, you two complement each other really well. Since you're an Earth sign, you'll also appreciate Capricorn's ambition and desire for structure. Libra is the sign associated with partnership and connection, but will also need a good balance of independence within a relationship.

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Because of this, Gemini makes the perfect match for you. You'll enjoy talking and sharing ideas. Both you and Aquarius have a passion for being involved in the community, so your shared interests will really take your relationship far. Sagittarius also has soulmate potential for you. They tend to keep a positive mindset and try to avoid drama, which is perfect for you since you hate when things are out of balance.

Scorpio has a keen intuition and the ability to sense a soulmate connection. You won't jump in too quickly until you both feel safe and secure. Capricorn also makes for a solid partner because they're very grounded and stable. You like supporting one another and will help each other achieve your goals.

Although Taurus is your opposite sign, Lang says that many Scorpio-Taurus partnerships are successful. Sagittarius loves their independence, but they can also be quite generous in relationships. Yet, they tend to be slow to make a commitment. Because of that, Aries makes for your perfect match. Your other fellow Fire sign, Leo will make for a fun partner who can also give you the stability you need.

Who Can Keep Pisces?

Libra also works really well for you because you both need some sense of independence within a relationship. You'll know how to perfectly balance your "we" time with "me" time.


Capricorn tends to focus on building their professional and social image. They're very ambitious and attract partners who have that same drive. According to Lang, you may be immediately attracted to Cancer. Aquarius loves conversation and has intellectual curiosity. Because of that, Air signs, Libra and Gemini make for great matches. You'll be easily drawn in by Libra's charm, and you'll be able to have non-stop conversations with Gemini. Sagittarius will also pique your interest. Pisces can go from being a hopeless romantic to feeling disappointed by others.

She is very much a people-person, but the Pisces zodiac lady also needs time alone to recharge although she rarely admits this if anyone around her needs her help. The Pisces female runs the same risk as the Pisces man for burnout or explosive outbursts from holding in her troubles. It is also impossible for her or any Pisces to have just one emotion at a time. She cannot be simply blue or merry. There are endless undercurrents that make her very complex and hard to understand for those who are close to her.

Because Piscean feel everything, including love, so deeply, they are not in a rush to start a serious relationship. However, once partners show themselves to be trustworthy, Pisces in love will commit themselves thoroughly and utterly. They love old fashioned romance and devotion. If you are not interested in a long-term commitment headed toward marriage, it is best not to break their hearts, for they may never recover.

The Pisces man in love spends a great deal of time daydreaming. That may be frustrating for some, but for others, it is endearing. He is sweet, sensitive, and attentive when he is present in this world. While he may be shy at first, once he decides you are worth the risk, he goes all in. He loves to spoil his partner and go to romantic rendezvous.

You will never want for affection, either. The Pisces male in love will do anything and everything for his partner. That does not mean he is weak, however. It just means that he is in love with love, and he loves to show his love. Another of his strengths is his ability just to sit and listen. He is capable of giving excellent advice, but his intuition will let him know whether or not input is appropriate.

The Pisces woman in love swims in deep emotional waters her sign is represented by fish, after all.

Pisces and Pisces Love Compatibility

If she approves you as someone she can trust, you will see a different side of her. The Piscean woman loves an old-fashioned courtship and plenty of romance. Instead, she wants to savor every part of her time with you. Because her imagination is so vivid, the Pisces female in love has a picture in her mind of what a perfect romance is supposed to be.

Her greatest wish is to fulfill that ideal. If you like fireside chats and a little snuggling, she will listen to you for hours if you need her to. She will help you with any project that needs to be done, and she will offer great advice only if it is asked for. Since Pisces zodiac sign is a water sign, the two other water signs Cancer and Scorpio are a great fit.

All of the water signs delve into the world of emotions quite comfortably. Cancer is the better of the two signs because they can handle Pisces emotional vulnerability better than strong-willed Scorpio. Other possible matches are the closest earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. A Pisces dating another Pisces would make for an emotionally intense relationship, but it may prove too much for the couple. The Pisces man on a date is the opposite of a stoic, macho man. He is the poet, the musician, the artist, standing off to the side in a room, watching the people there.

He is not making judgments, but rather looking into the souls of those there. If you wish to date a Pisces man , the last thing you want to do is be loud and obnoxious. Just be yourself and ask him about his interests. You could also ask him an open-ended question, or talk about your dreams and aspirations.

That is an instant turn-off for him.

Pisces Love Match

One thing is for sure; you will need to make the first move if dating a Pisces man. Honestly, his highest aspiration is inner peace, and he would love to share that with his permanent mate. If you share that ambition, this could be your man! Pisces dates may be old fashioned, but he may surprise you. His imagination is there for a reason. He loves to help people, and that includes you. He will go out of his way to pamper you and your loved ones, too.

Dating a Pisces woman is not that different from a Pisces man. She wants to immerse herself in beauty and love, not intolerance and hate. Like all Pisces, she is extremely sensitive and empathic, almost to a fault. If you want to win her heart, take the time to write a well-thought-out love letter or poem. Do this only if you enjoy romantic gestures and exploring your feelings with someone you love.

If the idea makes you squirm, perhaps she is not for you. Little things like remembering your first date with the Pisces woman and giving her a little surprise on an anniversary will mean the world to her. A traditional first date will likely be up to you, but after that, try to use your imagination to come up with something special. So far, it sounds like everything is about her. Let her know what your dreams and fancies are.

Perhaps she can help you; she will certainly try. That Pisces sexual intuition and drive to help others is a great combination in the bedroom. They will work hard to predict what you want and help you fulfill your fantasies. Not a bad deal, right? Pisces sexually senses your emotions and focuses on making or keeping you happy, both emotionally and physically.

In return, if you can get a Pisces in bed to laugh, he or she will thank you a thousand times! They need to recharge after giving out so much of their energy so much of the time. A happy, fulfilling sex life full of giving and take is all anyone can ask for. Like when it comes to dating, getting a Pisces man sexually comfortable in bed takes time and a little coaxing. They are shy about opening themselves up on this level even more than just dating!

Once that hurdle has been passed, you will find a new man. His active imagination and libido make him adventurous and willing to plumb the depths of your fantasies. He loves to lose himself in the act itself. While the Pisces man sexually is not interested in power-plays, he does love to give his partner the best experience possible, starting with the staging.

If he has had a warning, he will arrange pleasant music, candlelight, and soft sheets. Even though he has such a giving nature, he does prefer that his partner is not completely passive. Active participation just makes things more fun. The Pisces woman sexually is just as shy as a Pisces man when just starting out with a partner. After all, sex is the ultimate emotional experience for her, and she is laying herself bare, both physically and spiritually.

The possibility of soul-crushing pain is frightening for her. If she can get past that, she will open up her wellspring of creativity and fun. For the Pisces woman, sex is the best way of getting as close to another human being as possible, and everything, from the setting to the mood is crucial to her. Because the Pisces woman sexually is so focused on making you happy, she may forget about herself, so take the time to ask her about what she likes. Follow through with what she says; make her fantasies come to life, just like she does for you. A healthy sexual Pisces relationship is a wonderful thing and can build both of you up mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This is something that both of you likely need! You tend to let yourself live in the moment and daydream when that moment is unpleasant. Not surprisingly, you pass this on to your children. While on the one hand, this sense of wonder is a great thing to have, your children need to have you in the real world as well.