If you wish to know what the day has in store for you, check out the free astrology predictions for all zodiac signs right here. If you want to know your weekly and monthly horoscope, you can also click here. You will look for new opportunities to increase your competence, and for new ways to enjoy. If your relationship is under stress, it is about time you sorted out things.

CANCER: Sept-Dec. 2019! A promising beginning! Long distance opportunities bring New Love!

There is likelihood of making a short trip. If you are feeling under the weather, Ganesha says a long drive with your beloved may do you good. Today, most of your time is likely to be taken up by family affairs domestic. You would be getting together with your family members and discuss related issues and solutions. The time so spent will be fruitful and satisfying. New employment opportunities are expected to come your way. Avenues of additional income could be in store.

Ganesha exhorts you not to lose any opportunity and make the most of this great day. You need a break from your daily routine. You will feel fatigue in keeping up with the demands of everybody around you. You will try to regain your courteous and pleasant manner in the afternoon. You will be able to relax and unwind if you have the company of family and friends in the evening, says Ganesha.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

You will make a strong impact with whatever you do today. Ganesha says that you will feel joy in a romantic interlude.

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Ties with life partner will be stronger and you will enjoy domestic bliss. A situation might arise where you have to draw lines and take side with a circle of friends. That will be a time for caution. It will be difficult for you to achieve a specific goal you have set for yourself in the morning, but as the day progresses, your problems will ease out. Your inherent capability will help you scale the ladder of success. When you sit down to analyse your weaknesses and strengths, do so with an unyielding and unbiased critical eye, advises Ganesha. Today you will be much more generous than most people realise that you can be, says Ganesha.


Later on you will reap the benefits of the work you had carried out in partnership with some friends. The evening holds a promise of a mixture of work and pleasure. You will attend, possibly even host, a meeting with friends and colleagues. Money matters may cause you some concern, at least till the latter half of the day, foresees Ganesha.

After that, those financial troubles will make way for lucrative opportunities. Expect to make money from all quarters later in the afternoon. You shall be your own boss when it comes to making career decisions. Evening promises to be a good one, as you spend some fabulous time with your darling. Relationships are the crux of life, and you put in all your efforts to maintain your personal relations, says Ganesha. If someone is unwilling to share or to dedicate their time, energy or effort, then they aren't as sincere as they claim.

If you value you something, communicate it in action. You may be in a position to help someone you love get started on a new dream project. Use your power of observation and help them put ideas down on paper and into action.

Cancer 12222 Horoscope

Virgo, you can turn the ship of your life around by pointing it in the right direct. Get clear with what that means for you this week. Love has a tendency to change people, and often it's for the better. What change can you encourage today with your ability to love and show support?

Cancer: Your daily horoscope - October 09

Libra, when you least expect it, love can walk in your life again. There are moments that can't be planned or forced, and when it comes to the way you feel, they fall into that category. When you are with the people you love, anything is possible. Team effort will make things easier for everyone today so don't be afraid to offer your help when you see the need.

Scorpio, true friends are those that help you when you're down, and they are also those that see your imperfections and love you anyway. You might feel a bit shy around others at times, but you have your own set of strengths that are valuable. Share your thoughts and ideas with your partner when there's not a lot going on so that you get the most out of your time together. Sagittarius, work can conflict with love, but only if you allow it. Some relationships require a bit more time to make major adjustments even when they are positive.

You may be in a situation where time is your new friend. If it's important, give it the time it deserves. Capricorn, risk taking in love is rarely worth the effort unless you have already tested a person's character and see them for who they are. Trust is an important factor. Build it. Humor works wonders when you are trying to get someone back on your team. Sometimes a smile says more than words ever could. Be more pleasant and gentle when sharing your wants with the person you love.

Aquarius, history can and often does repeat itself. So, making changes that only you can make are essential to personal growth. Appreciation comes in many forms and not everyone shows their love in the same way. What's your personal preference for giving and receiving love? Maybe your style is different from your partners and things can be made better by speaking their love language.

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  • Pisces, when you feel a connection, don't doubt the vibe. Go with it. When you are in tune with another person's wants and desires, it can feel like the whole world is a better place. You are are that better place for someone out there. You may just need to open your heart more so they can see into you in a new way. Aria Gmitter, M. Follow Us. Sign in.