Your expenses will remain high throughout this year, but they will rise even more so in the months of March and April Due to some favorable planetary combinations, there is a great potential of growth in your finances and profits in business. At the same time, the financial opportunity that comes your way during this time will demand great amount for hard work and laborious efforts from your side. You might also have to solve some disputes and settle some disagreements before any of the rest of it, possibly with those who work with you. If you are ready to meet the challenges, you shall reap the rewards, dear Libra.

Another key planet shaping up your financial sector this year will be the planet of structures and solid foundations Saturn. Saturn will not only restore your money, but also make youfinancially stable and strong. But help and benefits from Saturn come to only those who give their hundred percent and do not cut corners.

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Saturn values discipline, honesty and hard work. According to the Libra Horoscope Wealth, after mid January this year, Rahu and Jupiter will join their forces together and that would not be very auspicious for you.

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During this period, your earnings will suffer and expenditures will rise. After that Jupiter will transit over your twelfth house, which usually leads to high expenses and spending over virtuous deeds.

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This period will continue till 11th August After that, from August to September , your financial situation will give you some sleepless nights. You are advised to keep a check on your expenditure, as you will be in a mood to spend extensively on various things. At work,you might feel that even after giving your best, you are not being able to get desired outcome.

The astrological atmosphere will lighten up in the month of November. It will be a wonderful month for financial developments. During this month, your status will improve, as you will accumulatemore wealth. In the year Astrology, finance will play a kind of tough game with you, but chances are that you will finally get fruits of your efforts, dear Libra. As per the Money Astrology, the year looks like a comparatively low year for you, dear Virgo.

Your finances will remain satisfactory, but you would not experience anything dramatic and extraordinary. Your earning will remaingood, but limited and expenses will keep on rising as the year progresses. Money management, thence, becomes an important theme for you this year, dear Virgo. Just as the year Horoscope begins, you will feel that things are moving in a rather slow pace at work. More markedly, after mid of January this year,you will encounter some troubles with regards to your finances.

You might have to deal with certain, unwanted expenses. A family issue might arise all of a sudden, or an existing issue might come to the fore, and you will be demanded to give away some of your accumulated wealth to solve it. You might also waste your money on unnecessary travels or journeys, health issues, unwanted disputes etc. This would not be a very happy development for your finances, dear Virgo, so plan and manage things well in advance.

You must remain hopeful, as luck will favor you slowly but surely. The time period from mid May to Mid June will be, in general, a good period for money matters for you. Your spirits, determination, and confidence will soar high and you will put your best foot forward in your professional endeavors. All of this will prove to be fruitful for your financial status as well. Virgo Horoscope Wealth suggests that this time will be fortune for deriving benefits from a foreign land.

You are advised to utilize this time toincrease your savings and make good investments. Then, in the month of September , your expenditure might rise.

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  • Be cautious and spend only on things you feel are necessary. December will be a normal, stable month with nothing over the top. However, the months of October and November this year could prove tobe really good for your financesand you may find it easy to earn money or to increase profits. If you plan and manage your finances well and look at your financial picture from a higher perspective, the year has lots to offer to you, dear Virgo. There is a combination of beneficial planets in your money sector, which will point towards accumulation of good wealth.

    The astrological atmosphere willbe favorable to enjoy financial gains and abundance. Needless to say, that you must make the most of this opportunity, dear Leo. Although it is an overall good time for finances and wealth, but Leo Wealth Horoscope says that you need to pay extra attention and caution during mid April to mid May , as this will be a time when you will face setbacks and lots of hurdles in your life from different sources.

    For instance, you might have to schedule some unwanted journeys during this time. Then, some troubles in your family might arise, adding to stress in your life. All of it will possibly distract you from working hard and achieving your targets at work. The worst could be that because of not being in the right frame of mind, you will make some inappropriate decisions leading to loss of youraccumulated wealth.

    You are advised to remain patient and calm during this time and carefully take all the important steps in your professional life, dear Leo, as hasty decisions can prove to be deleterious for you. Leo Horoscope Wealth predicts that during crisis situations, other planets will support you and help you come out from this situation, so you must not lose hope, dear Leo.

    Your sign is anyway known for its great optimism and strength. Besides, your problems will likely fade into nothingness after August , when there may be more than one source of income and you would earn speedily. Your income would improve and you will enjoy life in grand ways. You may also spend your earnings on travelling during this time, but there is nothing to worry about in it, as doing so will not halt your professional progress.

    All in all, the year Horoscope brings great opportunities to earn money and accumulate wealth, along with some troublesome times that you need to watch out for. This year looks like a mixed bag of good and not so good things.


    Life is anyway not all rosesat any given time. Feng shui is only one small consideration with the hra. It is very effective in activating the south corner. You like harmony in your environment. There are three different types of male animal personalities and three. Growing and others might come to steal the benefits of the work. But sheep have fewer advantageous qualities, according to some interpretations. You will make many gains in career now. You will experience a peaking in your work achievements.

    Note: This daily horoscope forecast is based on your Moon Sign. Work environment would be unbalanced. You might find an unnatural and unnecessary threat perception at work till the 16th November You need to avoid getting into controversies and not all these thoughts would turn out to be true.

    Some real issues would be felt at work after the 17th November Competition could be high and could cause worry. Emotional distractions could spoil work too in the second half. Coworkers might not be easy to handle during this period. It would be better to avoid dependence on team as there are chances of being let down after the 8th November Love life will be quite exciting till the 16th November You will derive higher pleasure from physical pleasures rather than emotions, since the instincts could be somewhat base. Slowdown and blocks could be felt after the 17th November Relationships would experience issues.

    There could be frequent disagreements with partner.

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    Marriage would see a difficult month too. There would be a flare up in tempers. Controversy could rise after the 8th November You need to be very careful right through this month. Money matters will be good, although liquidity of cash could get affected. There would be an increase in expenses for spouse and for your business.

    Flow of funds will see some slowdown after the 8th. Income will be good.

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    Investments will be good but new investments might not be a very good idea at this time. Family life will be average. Issues due to spouse possible after the 8th and spoil family life too. Health will be good till the 16th November and dip thereafter.

    Aquarius Horoscope

    Anger needs to be controlled else there could be an adverse effect on health. Students will find the month tough. There would be new challenges after the 9th November and you might feel left out at times after the 17th November