Astrology Zone — monthly horoscopes b. Select your sign below and get your personal horoscope! Watch Friday the 13th Part 5 Online. An easy to use calculator to find the vertex x and y intercepts of the graph of a quadratic function of the form. Clique ici pour voir ton horoscope. You are more concerned with the physical world than anything spiritual right now — and with good reason! The compatibility of the relationship between a Cancer woman and a Lia man ill require sincere efforts on the part of both the individuals as well as lots of communication.

Horoscope Leo sign is active and it is apparently reflected on the character of people born under the Leo star. LEO 2 weeks ago. Having the Ox as companion sign is particularly beneficial to people born in the Chinese years of the daily record horoscopes love daily horoscope single capricorn Goat Rabbit or Tiger. Horscopo Predicciones piscis Horscopo julio prediccion piscis piscis julio horoscopo de julio univision horoscopo piscis julio piscis trabajo julio Date Planner For Lia in People born under the year of the Dragon appear to have magical traits they are strong and full of energy and forever on the go.

Astrology based on date of birth can reveal everything about you and provide.

Welcome to Facade the first and most popular web site devoted to Tarot Runes I Ching Biorhythms Numerology and other forms of spiritual introspection. There is a tendency to sensuality and immorality, occasionally the indulgence in drinks or drugs which will cause sorrow and trouble to come to the person. Mercury and Uranus in good aspect by progression make the native active mentally, bring unexpected pleasures, give impulse to mental work, make the mind keen and give a desire for occult investigation.

Many are attracted to and become interested in altruistic and humanitarian work under this aspect. Mercury and Uranus afflicting each other by progression make the native unconventional, erratic and restless, create a nervous, wayward state of mind, and may bring unexpected lawsuits.

Mercury and Neptune in good aspect by progression. The mind is active and inclined to the study of Astrology and Mysticism. The native is apt to travel by water and make changes. Only those who are advanced along spiritual lines feel the effect of Neptune. Mercury and Neptune in bad aspect by progression. Persons under this influence should guard against investments in corporations.

The mind is disturbed by evil thoughts and the morals may be lax if such a tendency is shown in the natal horoscope. Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune seldom form aspects by progression on account of their slow motion. The New Moons are particularly potent. These so-called transits are seen in the ephemeris for the actual year of events.

Dadhichi Toth

Astrological works frequently use these expressions when tabulating the effects of various configurations. But so far as we know, no explanation has been given elsewhere, and we trust the following may make the subject clear to students. Each month the Moon comes into conjunction with the Sun, and this conjunction of the luminaries is called a Lunation or New Moon. After the conjunction or New Moon, she may be seen in the western sky close to the horizon as a tiny crescent; day by day the lighted surface grows larger; at the time of the opposition to the Sun she has increased her light to the fullest capacity, and at that time we speak of her as a full Moon; she then rises in the eastern sky at the same time as the Sun sets in the west.

Thus the Moon is increasing in light from the time of its conjunction or new Moon to the opposition, or full Moon, and from the full Moon to the net New Moon it is decreasing in light. Transits of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are important, and when the student has become familiar with the mysteries of the progressed horoscope but not before, he may profitably write the ephemeral position of these planets outside the progressed horoscope and watch their effect, also the aspects of the New Moons.

But be sure, at first, to keep the progressed horoscope down to first principles, for fancy aspects are "the stuff dreams are made of," the warp and woof of astrological romances which fade away into moonshine and leave the astrologer discomfited. It is comparatively easy to wield the shuttle of imagination with natal, progressed and transiting planets, each set with its corresponding houses, and a multitude of aspects to choose from, but simple judgment based upon the prime essentials of a horoscope is almost invariably justified by events.

Saturn transiting the radical Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter. These transits lower the vitality and act as a damper on the spirits of the person; there is a tendency to colds, gloom and melancholy, delays and disappointments, and if Saturn should turn retrograde passing and repassing these points, quite a long time of trouble and anxiety results. Saturn transiting square or opposition radical Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter. These aspects will produce similar effect to the conjunction but more intense, and falls, bruises, or broken bones are often additional results.

Saturn transiting sextile or trine the radical Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter. These aspects do not produce any benefit so far as has been observed. Saturn transiting sextile or trine the radical Mercury. These aspects steady the mind and make it more capable of concentration when Saturn is direct, or when he is retrograde, but aspecting Mercury by square or opposition, fear, worry, melancholy, gloom and trouble result; then it is also dangerous to travel. Saturn transiting radical Mars, Uranus or Neptune. These transits always mark a time of trouble, no matter what the aspect, but the nature of the trouble is best determined by the house and sign where the afflicted planet is located.

Saturn transiting the radical Midheaven. This aspect always produces slander, discredit and loss of prestige. Saturn transiting the Sixth or Twelfth House or the Ascendant.

HOROSCOP 2019 - LEU - by Astrolog Alexandra Coman

These positions have an inimical effect on the health, according to the signs which are on the cusps of these houses. Jupiter transiting sextile or trine the radical Sun, Venus, Mercury or Moon. These aspects bring health, happiness and financial benefit in accordance with the radical indications. If Jupiter retrogrades he is not so active but the period of good is protracted by his repeated direct passage over the good aspects. Jupiter transiting square or opposition radical Sun, Venus, Mercury or Moon.

These aspects are not very evil because evil is out of harmony with the basic nature of Jupiter. Jupiter transiting or aspecting radical Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune. These aspects produce no appreciable results because the basic natures of these planets are entirely different. This is on the same principle that tuning forks of different pitch do not respond to one another.

Uranus transiting radical Sun or Venus. These transits produce romantic attachments, Bohemian pleasures, unconventional experiences; when Uranus is retrograde this may last for a long time, but when he is in evil aspect immorality, scandal and divorce may result. Uranus transiting radical Mars, Moon or Mercury. These aspects of Uranus to the radical Mars.

Moon or Mercury have a tendency to make the person rash, reckless, foolhardy and erratic, sometimes to the point of insanity if other testimonies in the horoscope concur, the phase of the mental disturbance varying from violence when induced by Mars, to mild idiocy when produced by the Moon. Uranus transiting or in evil aspect to radical Saturn, Mars or Neptune. These transits cause trouble according to the house and sign where Uranus is located.

Good aspects produce no benefit as far as we have observed. Neptune transiting radical Mercury or Moon. These aspects bring a spiritual awakening accompanied by dreams and visions of an elevating nature. These aspects are also good for travel, but the bad aspects make the mind unclean, polluted and criminal if the radical horoscope allows, so that the person may commit a crime and suffer imprisonment. Mediumship is also often the result of these transits. Our work is a strictly humanitarian undertaking.

To us, Astrology is a phase of religion. The writers rely implicitly upon the horoscope's testimony and though in a few cases doubts have been expressed as to the correctness of our diagnosis, because it varied from that of practitioners in personal touch with the patient, subsequent developments have invariable vindicated our judgment and proved the far-reaching penetration of Astrology which is as much in advance of the X-Ray as that is superior to a candle, for even though the X-Ray were capable of illuminating the entire body to such an extent that we could see each individual cell in activity, it could only show the conditions of the body at a given moment.

But the horoscope shows incipient disease from the cradle to the grave, thus it gives us ample time to apply the ounce of prevention, and maybe escape an illness, or at least, ameliorate its severity when disease has overtaken us. It indicates to the day when crises are due. Thus forewarned, we may take extra precautionary measures to tide over the critical point.

It indicates when the inimical influences will wane and fortifies us to bear present suffering with strength born of the knowledge that recovery at a specific time is certain.

Leo Horoscope 2020 Ganeshaspeaks

Thus Astrology offers help and hope in a manner obtainable by no other method; for its scope is wider than all other systems, and it penetrates to the very soul of Being. Never tell him when impending crises are due. Never predict sickness at a certain time. Never, never predict death.

It is a grave mistake, almost a crime, to tell sick persons anything discouraging, for it robs them of strength that should be husbanded with the utmost care to facilitate recovery. It is also wrong to suggest sickness to a well person, for it focuses the mind on a specific disease at a certain time, and such a suggestion is liable to cause sickness.

If you cannot say anything encouraging, be silent.

horoscop acvaria capricornn azi

This warning applies with particular force when treating patients having Taurus or Virgo rising or the Sun or Moon in those signs. These positions predispose the mind to center on disease, often in a most unwarranted manner. The Taurean fears sickness to an almost insane degree, and prediction of disease is fatal to this nature. The Virgos court disease, in order to gain sympathy, and though professing to long for recovery, they actually delight in nursing disease. They beg to know their symptoms, the crises, and delight in probing the matter to the depths; they will plead ability to stand full knowledge and profess that it will help them; but if the practitioner allows himself to be enticed by their protestations, and does tell them, they wilt like a flower.

They are the most difficult people to help in any case, and extra care should be taken not to aggravate their chances by admissions of the nature indicated. Besides, thought the writers have used medical Astrology for many years and with astonishing success, and though Astrology, as a science, is absolutely exact and infallible, it must not be forgotten that there remains nevertheless the chance of mistaken judgment on the part of the practitioner and the chance that the person whose horoscope he is judging may assert his will to such an extent that it overrules the indication in the horoscope.

He may change his mode of life without knowing what would have happened if he had gone on as before, and thus he may be in no danger at the time when the tendency to sickness shown by the horoscope arrives; it is cruel to unsettle his mind in any case. Naturally, the young student would be most liable to make a mistake in judgment, but no one is immune.

We remember a case that came to our notice recently. One of the most prominent European astrologers predicted for a client in South Africa that on a certain date he would have a severe hemorrhage of the lungs.

The Message of the Stars

The poor man wrote to us for help, but though liability to colds in the lungs was shown, we saw no serious trouble at the time predicted, nor has hemorrhage been experienced in the year elapsed between that time and the present writing. Some students have a morbid desire to know the time of their own death, and probe into this matter in a most unwarranted manner; but not matter how they may seek to deceive themselves there are very few who have the mental and moral stamina to live life in the same manner, if they knew with absolute certainty that on a certain date their earthly existence would be terminated.

That is one of the points most wisely hidden until we are to see on both sides of the veil, and we do wrong, no matter what our ground, to seek to wrest that knowledge from the horoscope. Moreover, it has been well said that "the doctor who prescribes for himself has a fool for a patient," and this applies to diagnosis of one's own horoscope with tenfold force, for there we are all biased; either we make too light of conditions, or we take them too seriously, particularly if we investigate the time and mode of death.

We remember a case where an intellectual women, principal of a private school in New York, wrote asking for admission to our correspondence class, "if we thought it worth while, as she was going to die the first week in March.

Now that lady is thinking of a useful life, she has learned to forget death. Astrology is too sacred to be thus misused. Let the student forget about his own horoscope and devote his knowledge to helping others; then it will aid him in accumulating treasure in heaven as no other line of spiritual endeavor will.

The physical world is the world of effects; the causes are hidden from our sight, though they are nearer than hands or feet. Force is all about us, invisible and only seen by the effects it produces. If we take a dish of water, for illustration, and allow it to freeze, we shall see a myriad of ice crystals, beautiful geometrical figures. These show the lines along which the water congealed and these lines are lines of force which were present before the water congealed; but they were invisible until the proper conditions were furnished them and they became manifest.

In the same way there are lines of force going between the two poles of a magnet; they are neither seen nor felt until we bring iron or iron filings into the place where they are, when they will manifest by arranging the filings in an orderly pattern. By making the proper conditions we may cause any of the nature forces to show their effects--moving our street cars, carrying messages with lightning speed over thousands of miles, etc.

Horoscop Urania Pasul Fortunei B1TV - Horoscop saptamanal

We know that magnetism travels always at right angles to the electric current with which it manifests; we know the difference between the manifestations of the electric and the magnetic current, so dependent upon one another, but we have never seen either; though they are about the most valuable servants we have today.

Magnetism may be divided into "mineral" and "animal" magnetism, though in reality they are one, but the former has very little influence upon animal tissue, while the latter is generally impotent in working with minerals. The mineral magnetism is derived directly from lodestones which are used to magnetize iron, and this process gives to the metal thus treated the property of attracting iron. This kind of magnet is very little used, however, as its magnetism becomes depleted, is too weak in proportion to its bulk, and principally because the magnetic force cannot be controlled in such a so-called "permanent" magnet.

The "electro-magnet" is also a "mineral" magnet. It is simply a piece of iron wound around with many turns of electric wire; the strength of the magnet varies as the number of turns of wire, and the strength of the electric current that is passed through it. Electricity is all about us in a diffused state, of no use for industrial purposes until it is compressed and forced through the electric wires by the powerful electro-magnets. We must have magnetism in the first place before we can get any electricity. Before a new electric generator is started the "fields," which are nothing but electro-magnets, must be magnetized.

If that is not done they may turn it till the crack of doom, at any rate of speed they please, and it will never light a single lamp nor move a grain of weight; all depends upon the magnetism being there first. After this magnetism is once started it will leave a little behind when the generator is shut down, and this so-called "residual magnetism" will be the nucleus of force to be built up each time the generator is started afresh. All bodies of plants, animals and men are but transformed mineral. They have all come from the mineral kingdom in the first place, and chemical analysis of the plant, animal and human bodies brings out the fact beyond cavil.

Moreover, we know that the plants get their sustenance from the mineral soil, and both animal and man are eating mineral when they consume the plants as food; even when man eats the animals he is nevertheless eating mineral compounds, and therefore he gets with his food both the mineral substances and the magnetic force which they contain. This force we see manifesting in "Hemoglobin," or the red coloring matter in the blood, which attracts the life-giving oxygen when it comes into contact with it in the millions of minute capillaries of the lungs, parting with it as readily when it passes through the capillaries which all over the body connect the arteries with the veins.

Why is this? To understand this, we must acquaint ourselves a little closer with the way magnetism manifests as seen in industrial uses. There are always two fields or a multiple of two fields in a generator or motor, every alternate "field" or magnet being "north-pole" and every other one, "south-pole. If that were not the case, they would not run together; they would generate currents going in opposite directions, blowing their fuses. That would be because the poles in one generator, which should have attracted, repelled, and vice-versa. The remedy is to change the ends of the wire which magnetizes the fields; then the magnetic current in one generator will become like the current of the other, and both will run smoothly together.

Similar conditions prevail in magnetic healing; a certain vibratory pitch and magnetic polarity were infused into each of us when the stellar forces surged through our bodies and gave us our planetary baptism at the moment when we drew our first complete breath. These are modified during our pilgrimage of life, but in the main their initial impulse remains undisturbed and therefore the horoscope at birth retains the most vital power in life to determine our sympathies and antipathies as well as all other matters.

Nay more, its pronouncements are more reliable than our conscious likes and dislikes. Sometimes we may meet and learn to like a person, although we have a feeling that he has an inimical influence on us for which we cannot account, and therefore strive to put aside; but a comparison of his horoscope with our own will reveal the reason and if we are wise we heed its warning, or as surely as the circling stars move in their orbits around the Sun we will live to regret our disregard of this handwriting on the wall.

But there are also many cases when we do not sense the antipathy between ourselves and a certain person, though the horoscope reveals it, and if we see the signs when comparing the two horoscopes we may feel inclined to trust our feelings rather than the stellar script of the horoscopes. That also will in time lead to trouble, for the planetary polarity is certain to manifest in time unless both parties are sufficiently evolved to rule their stars in a large measure.

Such people are few and far between at our present stage of evolution. Therefore we shall do well if we use our knowledge of the stellar script to compare our horoscopes with those at least who come intimately into our lives. This may save both them and us much misery and heartache. We would advise this course particularly with regard to a healer and his patients, and with reference to a prospective marriage partner. When anyone is ill, resistance is at the lowest ebb, and on that account he is then least able to withstand outside influences.

So the vibrations of the healer have practically unrestrained effect, and even though he may be ensouled by the noblest of altruistic motives, desiring to pour out his very life for the benefit of the patient, if their stars were adverse at birth, his vibratory pitch and magnetism are bound to have an inimical effect upon the patient. Therefore it is of prime necessity that any healer should have a knowledge of Astrology and the law of compatibility, whether he belongs to those who admittedly heal by magnetism and the laying on of hands or to the regular schools of physicians, for the latter also infuse their vibrations into the patient's aura and help or hinder according to the agreement of their planetary polarity with that of the patient.

What has been said with regard to the healer applies with tenfold force to the nurse, for he or she is with the patient practically all the time and the contact is so much more intimate. For healer, nurse and patient, compatibility is determined by the rising sign, Saturn, and the Sixth House. If their rising signs agree in nature so that all have fiery signs rising, or all have earthy, airy, or watery signs rising, they are harmonious, but if the patient has a water sign rising, a nurse or a doctor with fiery signs will have a very detrimental effect.

It is also necessary to see that Saturn in the horoscope of the nurse of healer is not placed in any of the degrees of the zodiac within the patient's Sixth House. With respect to marriage the planetary polarity is shown principally by a consideration of the feminine Moon and Venus in a man's horoscope, for they describe his attractions towards the opposite sex, and in a woman's horoscope the masculine Sun and Mars have a similar significance.

If these planets are harmoniously configurated and the signs on the cusps of the Seventh Houses of the prospective partners agree, harmony will prevail, especially if the Sun, Venus or Jupiter of one person is placed in the Seventh House of the other.

But if the planets mentioned afflict one another, or the Seventh Houses of the parties are out of harmony, or if Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune of one is in a degree included in the Seventh House of the other, it is the handwriting on the wall which indicates that the planetary polarities are inharmonious and that sorrow is in store for them if they allow their evanescent emotions to draw them together in a bond of unhappiness; for it is easy to change the field wires on two electric generators so that their polarities will agree, but it is extremely difficult to reverse the planetary polarity of one person to make it agree with that received by another at his planetary baptism.

This is again expressed in the hermetic axiom which is the master-key to all mysteries: "As above, so below. As the creative forces within the womb act upon the ovum and gradually build the fetus, so also the stellar rays from the macrocosmic body of mother nature are active upon man. Thus any affliction in Aries will react upon the head, producing headaches, neuralgia, coma and trance conditions, diseases of the brain and cerebral hemorrhages.

Taurus rules the neck, throat, palate, larynx and tonsils, lower jaw, ears, and occipital region. The cerebellum is also under the rule of Taurus, so are the atlas and cervical vertebrae, the carotid arteries, jugular veins, and certain minor blood vessels. The diseases to which these regions are subject are goiter, diphtheria, croup and apoplexy. As each sign always reacts upon the opposite, afflictions in Taurus may also produce venereal diseases, constipation, or irregular menses.

Gemini rules the arms and hands, shoulders, lungs, and the thymus gland, also the upper ribs, therefore afflictions in Gemini cause pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, asthma and inflammation of the pericardium. Cancer rules the esophagus, stomach, diaphragm, pancreas, the mammae, lacteals, upper lobes of liver, and thoracic duct, hence afflictions in Cancer produce indigestion, gas in the stomach, cough, hiccough, dropsy, gloom, hypochondria, hysteria, gall stones, and jaundice. Leo rules the heart, the dorsal region of the spine, the spinal cord, and the aorta, therefore the afflictions in Leo cause regurgitation, palpitation, faintings, aneurysm, spinal meningitis, and curvature of the spine, also arterio-sclerosis and angina pectoris, hyperaemia, anemia and hydraemia.

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